Friday, February 21, 2014

9 Shopping websites to check prices from Turkey

If you are travelling to Turkey and want to plan what you can buy in advance you can check out the list of shopping websites from Turkey that we have collected for you. From clothes to electronics you can basically check the prices of everything you would look from these webpages and find their shops in any shopping center in Turkey. Some of them have english versions and for others you can simply use google translation. 

 Mudo Turkey StoreMudo is a good, quality brand and they have products in various categories like clothing, decoration, home textile, household appliances etc. You can visit their page at:

Zara Turkey Store

2- Zara
If you want to buy clothes from Turkey and check the prices of world leading brand Zara here is their page for Turkey, in English:

 Pull & Bear Turkey Store

3- Pull & Bear
For the mid price category clothes shopping in Turkey I would recommend trendy Pull & Bear. Their website is at:

LC Waikiki Turkey Store

4- LC Waikiki
If you are hunting for bargains and want to get the most out of your limited budget then you can try LC Waikiki for a cheap clothes shopping in Turkey:

Regular Shopping, Groceries, Beer...

 Carrefour Turkey Store
5- Carrefour
For a regular shopping from groceries to electronics if you want to see the prices check out Carrefour’s Turkish webpage here:

 Migros Turkey Store
6- Migros
Another detailed alternative for a regular shopping website in Turkey. Do you want to check how much a beer costs in Turkish markets? It’s here:

7- Bimeks

 Bimeks Turkey StoreI know from myself that checking the prices of electronics in different countries online can be a headache. For Turkey, I am doing my part and giving you the address to check prices of electronics in Turkey:

 Teknosa Turkey Store
8- Teknosa
An alternative source for electronics shopping in Turkey. Teknosa also has a huge variety of electronics:


9- Desa Leather

 Desa Turkey Store
I almost forgot! Leather shopping in Turkey. I know that there is a huge demand for leather clothes to buy when you are visiting Turkey and Desa has a quite nice webpage that you can check the prices. Of course when you dive into bazaar the prices might change “a little bit”:

I hope this post was informative enough for shoppers on their way to Turkey. Please leave a comment, feedback or ask questions if you want to get additional information.

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